I don't know how to title this post 🤷‍♂️

Well, what a crazy few days here in LaSalle County, we have made the national news and for all the wrong reasons. COVID is on the rise and it's not good, we have mayor's that will not shut the bars down at 11 o'clock and want restaurants to stay open for indoor dining. These crazy bat shit ideas from them have caused so many new cases that I don't want to go outside. 

That is us in the New York Times at number 9! Love it.

Our High School has been closed for a few weeks now. Not enough sub's as teachers are getting sick daily. The one bright spot has been the grade school even with a small break out they have stayed open going to school 5 days a week and all-day classes. Until Friday that shoe dropped as well. The School already made safe plan's for the holiday by ordering classes to go remote the week after Thanksgiving and two weeks after Christmas break, such a good idea. As of writing this LaSalle Peru is now at a 20% positivity rate and schools are starting to close, and the text came at 11:30Am starting Monday the school will shut down and go remote until January 19, 2021.

You can clearly see the sadness on Lainey's face these kids love to be in school! One of the biggest problems our Veterans Home now has a break out as 180 people in one building are sick and sadly dieing. I'm sure if you google LaSalle Veterans Home in Illinois you will quickly be greeted with some sad stories. We have a few friends that work at the home who are sick but their hearts are all about the vet's they want to get better so they can go back to work and help out. The short staff that is working are pulling in double and triple shifts every day. It's a sad time in our small town.

So we will be digging into home school and hope this can be brought under control quickly none of us want to see a shut down again, most of us can not afford it. And the toilet paper has begun flying off the shelves once more as panic buying sets in. 

If we all do the right thing by wearing a mask as well as washing our hands we can do this. we can change the way this disease spreads like wildfire. 

My prediction Illinois will have a one-week shutdown starting the week of Thanksgiving so people are forced to stay home and not go shopping during Black Friday. Time will tell.

Stay safe everyone.


  1. Yes, it's surging everywhere, isn't it? Back in the Spring, experts warned that a second wave in the Fall could be even worse but of course, who listens to them? Certainly not anti-maskers and other idiots. Stay safe, you and your family!

  2. It really is everywhere. I check Wikipedia’s current events page every day and countries continue to report record high cases daily. If people would just wake up and listen to science...

    1. Cant wait to see how Friday goes as they want us to run at 25% people will be waiting outside in the cold.

  3. Really sorry to hear this. Stay safe!