Trick or Treat?

Why won't anyone kiss Dracula?
He has bat breath!

Why is it safe to tell a mummy your secret?
It'll keep it under wraps!

What should you do if a werewolf climbs in your window?
                                                                    Run out the door!

What do you say to a monster with two heads?
                                                           Hello, and hello to you too!

Why wouldn't the ghost cross the road?
He had no guts!

I know halfway to Halloween is not until May 15th but why not? Have a great Sunday!


  1. Good cartoons, good jokes -- Happy Halfway to Halloween!

  2. It can't come soon enough and also want it to take it's time. Is that weird?

    1. No I get it but lets let it get a little warm first.

  3. Some good ones. I like the Hansel and Gretel one.