Back to Work and it kind of sucks!

Hey, gang how is everybody? So yeah went back to work and... well... it's been hard. My body hurt so bad the first few days. Literally would come home and melt into my chair trying to stay positive. By the second week, I was my old self laughing with customers joking around, yet my body still hurt lol oh well getting older I guess. I would like to say one thing tho if you are pissed about wearing a mask please do not take it out on an employee they are just doing a job. I feel like a small group go into stores just to pick a fight, stop it call your congresspeople, not us we are trying to help you. Ok, put my soapbox away. Sadly I had no time for video or photos last week I will do better this week I promise.

My first day back I drove by the house we dubbed The Amityville House back when we where kids. By the looks of things, I should have turned around and gone home...

Those Turkey Vultures sure are sending a message...

But not all things where bad we did say goodbye to the most bizarre school year. The girl's sad goodbye from the car as we drove past all the teachers and staff. Lainey stayed on the High Honor Roll and Ella finished will A's and B's so homeschool did not slow them down too much.

Sadly I have not watched any of my TV shows the past few weeks just too tired, and only watched a small handful of movies so far but like I said feeling much better and I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things!!

Again I sure hope you are all safe and in good health, wash your hands, and mask up!


  1. Back to work is tough -- I hope it gets easier in time!

  2. It sounds scary to begging back after two months. I'm still awaiting the fate of my work. Like the commenter said above, I hope it gets easier in time.

  3. Wow - I hear what you are saying about the masks. I was standing outside Home Depot today wearing my mask waiting for the hubby as we split the shopping to speed up the time we spent inside . Minding my own business when some unmasked dude says hello and starts to tell me how I am depriving my brain of oxygen. I replied that I was trying to reduce the spread of the diseased upon which he started to ramble conspiracy theory. I ignored him and he went away. I can only imagine if he was that rude to me outside what someone like that is putting you employees through! You know, we have to wear shirts and shoes to get service as a public safety rule. So my feeling is wear a mask and deal. This won't last forever.

  4. Stay safe! I've gotten word that it'll likely be mid-June when I go back to work. Woo.

    Actually - I'd love to explore that house!


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