June the month of Disasters and Junesploitation!

Thanks to Dubsism and The Midnite Drive-In for kicking off summer with a Disaster Flim Blogathon! Nothing like a little disaster to get you through 2020 right? So here is a quick look at what I will be reviewing. Also it's not too late to join in on the fun just click on there names above for their landing pages.

June 10th watch out for


After witnessing a man's death in a bizarre accident, Father Pergado goes on a spiritual retreat, where he encounters his alien double bent on world conquest. Starring Christopher Lee and Sue Lyon from 1977. This has been on my backlog for a few years now with this being one of Charles Bands' first forays into producing films so you know I'm going to check it out!

Then Come back on June 11th for something really out there for me...

2012s Air Collision from Asylum Pictures so you know this going to be good,  right?? A fierce electromagnetic storm cripples communications; as a result, two planes - one a commercial jet, the other Air Force One, carrying the President of the United States and his family - are on a collision course. It does star Jordan Ladd and Meredith Thomas so if anything we have nice ladies leading the way and of course its an Asylum movie so we will get a ton of low budget special effects what more can one ask for?

And as a bonus but not a guarantee I would love to dive into another disaster flick so time permitting on June 12...

I have always wanted to dive into Vincent Price's The Last Man on Earth from 1964! When a disease turns all of humanity into the living dead, the last man on earth becomes a reluctant vampire hunter. I'm, not 100% that this is a disaster movie but it is about a Plague taking over the world staring Price so heck it, I'm in!

Also in June is F!This Movie's Junesploitation now I'm going to be 100% honest work is still kicking my butt but I really want to watch a movie or two on my days off so I just might pick a movie that coincides with that day that I'm off. Here is a look at the schedule. 

(Click the banner for more info)
1 - Cars!
2 - Revenge!
3 - Italian Horror!
4 - Animals!
5 - Sci-Fi!
6 - Jackie Chan!
7 - Free Space!
8 - ‘80s Action!
9 - Slashers!
10 - Cops!
11 - Blaxploitation!
12 - Kung Fu!
13 - Free Space!
14 - Sword and Sorcery!
15 - Westerns!
16 - Kids!
17 - Lucio Fulci!
18 - Cannon!
19 - ‘80s Horror!
20 - Prison!
21 - Free Space!
22 - Giallo!
23 - Teenagers!
24 - ‘90s Action!
25 - Albert Pyun!
26 - Zombies!
27 - Lethal Ladies!
28 - Nic Cage!
29 - Free Space!
30 - ‘80s Comedy!

I might have to ask off for June18th 19th and the 25th! But we will see no guarantees so here is to June and for those of you still in lockdown mode and want to join please do!!


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