The Ranch Part 4

The Ranch Part 4
2017 | Color | 30 Min | Comedy | TV-MA | Netflix

Jim Patterson
Don Reo

Ashton Kutcher
Danny Masterson
Debra Winger
Sam Elliott

The son of a Colorado rancher returns home from a semi-pro football career to run the family business.

So after part 3, I wondered if the series had jumped the shark, and with season four that feeling did not really go away. It was not until the final episodes that the show got its feet back. The deep drama was still planted firmly with the comedy placed on the back burner. And now the looming question how will Danny Masterson exit the show. With Masterson's sex abuse allegations against him, netflix rightfully so has cut ties with the star. The truly sad news, Masterson was the best part of the show. And after this season ended I'm not looking forward to part 5.

Like I said the last few episodes found it's funny once again even tho there was plenty of drama to go around. Maggie comes home this time around to find Roster has not done such a hot job running the bar, Colt asks Abby to marry him and Bou has a grabber. And just like every other show, I watch by the third season I lose interest and if I can hang on the fourth its a miracle. So honestly the show is worn out and the only reason I will check into the fifth season would be to see how the write off Danny.

Can I tell you how much I hate writing on this old laptop lol! Oh, what started out as the funniest thing on the small tube has fallen short on laugh's and has run out of ideas. If your a fan please let me know in the comments below oh you feel about the past few seasons.


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  1. I've never watched this so alas, cannot comment on the issue of its decline.


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