Not so Funny Netflix!

Fred Armisen: Standup For Drummers
2018 | color | 1 Hour  | Stand up Comedy  | PG | Netflix

Comedian and drummer Fred Armisen perform stand-up material, music, and sketches for an audience of fellow drummers.

Now being a drummer myself I was very intrigued by this idea. With special guest's like Sheila E. to Greenday's Tre Cool, I decided to sit down to enjoy a little standup.

Hmm, not so sure what this is I'm watching but its safe to say Im not laughing. This guy is not funny at all and the drum jokes yeah I get it but no really? 

I guess simply put if you like Fred Armisen (I could not get into Portlandia at all) you might like this but for me to you even if your a drummer skip this! I laughed a few times but hardly worth my time. 

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