5 Playgirls Walked Innocently Into His Arms...

The Playgirls And The Vampire
1960 | color | 1 Hr 10 Min | Horror | NA | Nord Film Italiana


Writer: Piero Regnoli (story and screenplay)

Walter Brandi
Lyla Rocco
Maria Giovannini 

A feckless troupe of European exotic dancers and their piano player led by a bumbling manager stumble upon a castle after encountering a ferocious storm. The castle, inhabited by Count Gabor, his assistant, and a vampire, is a little refuge for the traveling showgirls as they slowly fall under the spell of the undead demon. Vera, one of the reluctant dancers and the living doppelgänger of the vampire's dead wife, Margherita Kernassy—who has been dead nearly 200 years—becomes the object of affection for both Count Gabor and the vampire

What is better than sparkling Vampires? How about 5 playgirl go-go dancers? Well with no glitter like today's playgirls. In fact, these girls are prim and propper oh those Italians and their crazy horror movies. But let's be fair  Piero Regnoli brings a fun little flick that has more going for it then you would expect. 

L’ultima Preda del Vampiro which in translation: “The Vampire’s Last Prey”- is a 1960 Italian horror film written and directed by Piero Regnoli, a scriptwriter who also co-wrote Riccardo Freda’s "I Vampiri", "Nightmare City" and "Demonia". Here in the US, the film was released by Richard Gordon (Tower of Evil; Horror Hospital) in 1963. A shortened American TV version was retitled Curse of the Vampire. And with minimal vampirism and even less gore, this erotic (for 1960) is a fun low-level entry into the Vampire flicks.

The one thing that sticks out to me is the look and feel that the movie transfers you into. You can almost smell the musty cold dungeon. I also really enjoyed the vision when it comes to the lighting and the way it was filmed. The only time I was taken out of the movie's atmosphere happens when the dubbing does not come close to the movement on the screen. 

In 1959 Russ Myer stepped up the erotica in the film "The Immoral Mr. Teas" that kicked off the Nudie-cutie movement. When your watching Playgirls you wonder what it would have looked like if they would have waited a few more years. For such a suggestive title and a film that was considered and Adult Flim, this movie falls way short on nudity, and that is ok.  We get some see-through lingerie at time's and one pair of breast's hidden in the shadows, those Italians know how to rock!

One of the most rememberable moments comes from the soundtrack with its piercing violin's and its melodic score help you wrap your mind into the world before you. As well as the folly work on Playgirls with sound effects hitting on all the right levels. 

Even the special effects for a low budget flick are pretty spot on. In conclusion, Playgirls and the Vampire is a slow burn that leaves you wanting just a bit more. This was a fun little vampire story that was just a bit ahead of its time.

                     2 Bloody Brains out 5

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  1. I love the 60's vampire movies. I need to see this one. Happy Vampire's Day! ^♥^

  2. Happy Vampire's Day ^❤️^.....I haven't seen this one, will add it to my movie list!


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