nature fights back ...

1978 | Color | 1Hr 38 Min | Horror | PG | Republic Pictures

Harry Kerwin
Wayne Crawford

Wayne Crawford 
Harry Kerwin

Wayne Crawford
Jason Evers 
Roberta Leighton 

A top-secret government experiment leads to fatal barracuda attacks on the beaches of a small coastal town formerly renowned for its lobster. A marine biologist (Wayne Crawford) and sheriff (William Kerwin) uncover a plot involving a mentally unstable former war-medic (Evers) pioneering research into hyperglycemia and the effect on human behavior.

Yes, finally a new movie on Svengoolie!! And one I remember growing up hearing about. This would be Harry Kerwin's  last movie before his death at the age of 48. Joe Dante was offered to direct the film because of his experience with the aquatic creature feature film Piranha which had been released earlier that year.

“Barracuda” swims into sight tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/Pacific, 7 central, or check your local listings (or at for channel and time in your area.Chicago area viewers will see an encore of “Deadly Mantis” at 11 am on WCIU, the U.

Looking forward to some fresh meat...


  1. Very cool to have a film I haven't ever seen before! Fun night!

  2. "Jaws" inspired so many homages to deadly sea life!


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