Holiday Treat

The Strokes frontman turns an SNL skit into a full-length song a few years back, the song and skit were I wish it was Christmas today back in 2000 kicked off an SNL holiday tradition.

So enjoy and let the crazy time of the season begin!


  1. So I had to do a double take when you wrote about The Strokes front man as I never took you for a fan. I saw them in concert years ago and the drink in Julian's hand is very apropos. The man is on a one way road to cirrhosis of the liver. Never seen anyone so bombed in a performance except perhaps The Pogues front man Shane MacGowan. Julian is a talented yet tortured soul. Anyhow, enjoyed the song and all the clips from SNL. They put a smile on my face.

    1. I did not realize that Julian was that bad!


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