Let it Snow?

Hey, gang yep still alive just so much going on the past few weeks. Work always gets a little crazy as we set up for Black Friday. I really hope everyone had a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving, we celebrated with our traditional BBQ sandwichs and pumpkin squares yeah we are a tad odd. So the weather has been a huge pain in my butt lately too. On Halloween it was like no leafs wanted to fall to the ground, well they decided to all fall at once which is fine but every time I was off and could take care of the yard it Snow/Rained!

Man the leaves where soaked but one day after work I raked them anyway what could I do? And that was a mistake as this caused my Broncitus to flare up once again. The yard is done in fact the 65-degree day on Friday allowed me to cut the grass one more time.

Per my last post, it is National Diabetes month and thanks to the support of work we all wore Blue on Friday to show our support. My team has always stood by my side for years when it comes to Ella's heath. Say what you will about retail but the Home Depot really knows how to take care of there associates.

"So do you Black Friday Bro" was the text I got from my daughter who wants to go out into the wild,  why who knows. This year wife's store opened on Thanksgiving at 11am. They all thought it would silly and nobody would show up well this is the line that went around the corner and only one side at 9am when the associates arrived to set up.

As you can see we did go out and yeah I might have found a few movies. Honestly, I was only looking for Kong Skull Island and Spiderman the rest were so cheap that it was worth it.  The crowds surprised me (Let me say we waited to go out so we did not go during the heat of the moment) they were very well behaved nobody was pushing around most were talking to others in line seems to be having fun.

Last but not least College Football season is over and now I practically wait to see what bowl game my beloved Northwestern Wildcats get into this year. The season sure started off rough but they gained momentum finishing this year ranked in the top 25. SO Go Cats!


  1. Nice to hear all your news! And man oh man, do you ever have a ton of leaves in your front yard! I wouldn't want to rake those either.


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