Happy Halloween

Sorry, gang a day late I know but man was yesterday one busy day! From Trunk or Treat at school to meeting up with friends to circle the neighborhood. Yeah, our group was well over 25 crazy kids and adults.

This year Lainey went as a pig in a blanket and Ella well somebody from Falsettos musical.

Trunk or Treat

Here is a very short video of the night. Short because when your watching that many kids it gets crazy really fast.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween and even tho my wife worked and by the time we where done with the party and trick or treating our anniversary was spent exhausted on the couch lol that's what happens when you get married on Halloween I guess. 

Ok one more quick photo...

Halloween 9 years ago! Where does the time go? I can not believe how much they have grown up and so fast! 

Now off to catch up on everybody's posts!


  1. Such great costumes! You got married on HALLOWEEN? I hope you were in costume as Frankenstein or the Bride of Frankenstein! Or maybe Morticia and Gomez Addams?

    1. Yep found somebody that loved Halloween as much as I do! And she said yes so am just lucky all around.

  2. Replies
    1. She has taken a beating lately starting to wear out sadly.

  3. OMG - those tootsie rolls are tooo cute!


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