Why are these not on DVD yet?

Ok, so the post earlier this week about the Mills Creek Dvd got me thinking about a few of those old movies that have not surfaced on DVD or Blu-Ray yet. You know those movies that you rented or watched on the big screen more than once. And the question still remains why the heck not?? Like for example the 1972 rat movie Ben is still not out on DVD is it because Michael Jackson's estate owns it? I know I do not know but here it the list of movies I wish was on DVD.

First up who does not love Joan Jett and Michael J Fox?

The siblings Patty and Joe Rasnick live in an industrial suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. While Patty is focused on their rock band, The Barbusters, Joe also cares for the family and the upbringing of Patty's young son, Benji. Their pious mother reproaches them for their way of life, especially when they quit their jobs and go on tour, taking Benji with them. However, when their mother is dying of terminal cancer, they return home and resolve their problems with her.

Have you seen this 1987 gem? You also get a glimpse at a young Trent Reznor who appears, with other members of his then band Exotic Birds as members of the fictional band, The Problems.

I'm pretty sure the royalty fees to put this out on DVD are huge leaving it to site a rotten. You can still find it on VHS but good luck with that also.

The R movie I was too young for.

Man when I was 14 I wanted to see this movie sooooooo bad! Why well I was in love with Lea Thompson bad! Man, she was so hot even in Howard the Duck I was in love! So when this (Yeah kind of dumb) flick hit VHS I was all over it and loved it. I would like to revisit this movie just to see if it was as good as I remember. I know the clip art says DVD but that is only if you buy it from Universal and it is a DVD-R so bare bones just the movie ripped from the laser disk.

Eighties teen romp involving Bill and his new apartment, Jim and his rebellious antics, Tom and his crazy self, and Anita with her older man David.

Oh and Cameron Crowe wrote this fine film of 80's glory you know the same guy that wrote Fast Times and Singles so you know this has to be good. 

Ice Ice Baby

I worked in the theater for this movie, I still have the button for this movie and the banner hung in my apartment for some time! Yes, I liked Vanilla Ice's movie Cool as Ice! I don't know why it was just on of those silly movies that made you feel good. This came out when all the movies with rappers where New Jack City and Boyz in the Hood so it was a breath of fresh air. 

The old teen rebel saga is updated for the rap crowd, unfortunately, rapper Vanilla Ice is the teen. Ice shows up on a neon-yellow motorcycle which gets everyone's attention, including the female honor student who has never had a rebellious bone in her body.

According to an episode of Behind the Music (1997) featuring Vanilla Ice, Robert Van Winkle was paid $1,000,000 for his role as Johnny Van Owen. The movie only made $1,193,062. Maybe that is why you can not buy it any place. But I still want it!

A boy, a girl, and a computer.

Wow, this 1983 love story was awesome for its day. I wore out the VHS copy I had and wish like hell I could find another one. Thanks to my Commodore 64 I was a huge nerd when it came to computers, and with a young and hot Virginia Madsen in the lead role, I left that dark theater feeling like I could do anything!

Miles buys himself a state-of-the-art computer that starts expressing thoughts and emotions after a having champagne spilled down on him. Things start getting out of hand when both Miles and Edgar, how the computer calls himself, fall in love with Madeline, an attractive neighbor.

The cello piece played by Madeline (Madsen) in the song "The Duel" is the Minuet #4 in G I wore my cassette tape out listing to the song. Yeah, the soundtrack is wonderful too. You also get a great song by Human League "Together" you should youtube it!

And here it is the one flick that should be on DVD now!

Every time the summer Olympics draw near I say to myself this is the year they put out American Anthem! Hot off of Flamingo Kid Janet Jones took to the gymnastic mat and my heart melted.  And of course, for the ladies some guy named Mitch Gaylord. 

Steve is a talented gymnast who has given up competition, and is working at his father's bike shop. Julie is the new girl at his old gym, who has moved to town to train with their powerful coach. Inspired by Julie, Steve resumes training. While dealing with the conflicts in their personal lives and the stress of training, they prepare for the US Olympic Trials.

And the soundtrack for this one as well!! Man, I still listen to Andy Taylors Take it Easy on my workout playlist. This movie is part of the Warner Brothers collection so you can get it on DVD but again it is just a DVD-R so I'm not sure how good it will look. For now I will stick to my VHS copy. 


  1. I never saw any of these movies, but I DID see the rat movie "Ben" and quite enjoyed it, as ratty things go.


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