Kitty Power's comes to the Xbox

I love it when a different style game comes to the console. And dating sim's are the rage over sea's so for one to hit the states seems fair. I also like the idea that it is an LGBTQ-friendly game, tho the focus will be more on straight relationships.

Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker originally came out for mobile in 2014, with a PC release following in 2015. These console ports will expose the game to a wider audience.

“Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker isn’t just a fun dating sim, it’s also really about love being for everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, hair color, or penchants for giant robot anime (Miaow!),” game director Richard Franke said in a press release sent to GamesBeat. “We were overwhelmed and humbled by the positive response of Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker on the smaller screen and are so excited to bring it to a wider audience on PS4 and Xbox One.”

The console versions will add new features, including an updated avatar system and new, dynamic dialogue. These additions could give those who tried the game on mobile or PC a reason to check out the console versions.

With no SRP yet the game will hit the digital stores this February 7th, awe how sweet just in time for Valentine's day.

As crazy as the game sounds I just might have to check it out, only because I really like sim games.


  1. I've never played a video game in my life but this one sounds like fun! (Gawd, I'm old. I predate video gaming by DECADES).


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