Hey its Kevin Costner's Birthday!

So last year I said that I would do more of these Top 5 list's, in fact, part of my Blog New Year Resolution was to try and do one a week. So here we are 3 weeks in and I have failed. Well, fail no more by readers as today is a new day!!

The fact of the matter today is Kevin Costner's birthday! Yes, the man that has brought us 57 movies at his young age of 62. So I thought it would be fun to list off my top five Costner films! And no Waterworld is not on the list you silly monkeys!

Number 5

How can you go wrong with a few of my favorite things? Baseball meets one of my hero's Sam Rami in this turd of a movie! Yeah, the movie is not great to most but I can not hide my love for baseball or Rami so it find's itself on the list.

Detroit Tigers Veteran Pitcher Billy Chapel (Costner) has always been better at baseball than at love. Just ask Jane (Preston), his on-and-off girlfriend. After a bad season, just before he is about to start in what could be his final game, Jane tells Billy that she's leaving him...for good. Now with his career and love-life in balance, Billy battles against his emotional and physical limits as he strives for a Perfect Game. The suspense is never drawn back in this heartwarming drama about life, love, and risking it all For Love of the Game.

Number 4

An Iowa corn farmer, hearing voices, interprets them as a command to build a baseball diamond in his fields; he does, and the Chicago White Sox come.

Oh, come on you knew it had to be on the list! It features the Chicago White Sox for goodness sake!! Again not the greatest movie but it does give us one of the greatest lines...

I'm pitching to Shoeless Joe Jackson...

Hey, dad.... want to have a catch? If that line does not bring a tear to your eye well then you probably never played catch with your dad! I would love to still play catch with my old man to this day!

Number 3 

A New Orleans DA discovers there's more to the Kennedy assassination than the official story.

I remember this movie brought on a great debate with myself and my roommates! We talked about this flick for days on end. In fact, we watched it once sober!

My roommates were convinced that Bill Clinton was going to unlock the file's for the world to read leading them to vote for the guy! 

If you have not seen JFK it is truly an amazing film worth checking out.

Number 2

Go ahead and laugh but there is nothing wrong with a good chick flick! Love this movie, no really I love this movie!

A pop singer has been receiving threatening notes, and her manager hires a bodyguard known for his good work. The bodyguard ruffles the singer's feathers and most of her entourage by tightening security more than they feel is necessary. The bodyguard is haunted by the fact that he was on Reagan's secret service staff but wasn't there to prevent the attack by Hinckley. Eventually, the bodyguard and the singer start an affair, and she begins to believe his precautions are necessary when the stalker strikes close to home.

I would protect you, Whitney!

And my favorite Kevin Costner movie would have to be...

Great cast, great story and a great use of a baseball bat! The Untouchables was my first look into the Chicago mob. This movie was so powerful to me that I have seen it numerous times. 

Costner plays federal agent Elliot Ness who assembles a personal team of mob fighters to bring Chicago crime boss Al Capone to justice using unconventional means during the mob wars of the 1920s. This fictionalized account of the arrest of Al Capone is heavy on style and gunfire.

So as I look at this list a few things come to mind, most of these movies have ties to Chicago and Baseball. And none of these are from the 2000's most are his early work. Does that mean his sex appeal faded? Or was it the curse of Waterworld?

Ok, it is your turn what was or is your favorite Costner flick? Let me know in the comments below, and in the mean time help me wish Kevin Costner a Happy Birthday!


  1. That line in "Field of Dreams" always puts a lump in my throat even though my father never played catch with me (maybe that's why). I liked "Field of Dreams" so much, I wrote an essay on it in college. Untouchables is a great movie, but I'd have to substitute a couple of yours on my own list: "Dances with Wolves" and "Open Range". I can watch either of those from any point whenever they're on.

    1. Oh yeah Open Range was good! I worked for Dances so now its hard for me to sit through. That year it sold out on Thanksgiving day it was a 290 seat theater too. I always thought it was an odd choice for the holiday.

  2. I adore "Field of Dreams." I must have seen it half a dozen times when it first came out. I like Kevin Costner well enough in a movie but I rarely go to see his. I haven't seen any of the other ones you list here!

    1. What???? Kidding but if you ever do check one out let me know what you thought.


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