More hot 80's tiles coming from Mill's Creek DVD and this one has a few rare gems I'm excited for and you can not beat the 80's style magazine cover clip art.

The boys of the big screen who graced the covers of Teen Beat and Bop (and teenagers’ bedroom walls) are back and better than ever with this totally rad collection of Hollywood hotties in 8 unforgettable films! So, call your friends for a sleepover and feast your eyes on these hunky heartthrobs in career-defining performances worth cherishing! 

Flatliners - (1990) - Color – R - Kevin Bacon, Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts, William Baldwin, Oliver Platt 

True Believer - (1989) - Color – R - Robert Downey Jr., James Woods, Margaret Colin, Yuji Okumoto, Kurtwood Smith 

The New Kids - (1985) - Color - Rated R - James Spader, Lori Loughlin, Shannon Presby, John Philbin 

Little Nikita - (1988) - Color – PG - River Phoenix, Sidney Poitier, Richard Bradford 

The Legend of Billie Jean - (1985) - Color PG-13 - Christian Slater, Helen Slater, Keith Gordon, Peter Coyote, Yeardley Smith 

Private Resort - (1985) - Color - Rated R - Starring: Johnny Depp, Ron Morrow, Emily Longstreth 

Like Father Like Son - (1987) - Color - PG-13 - Kirk Cameron, Dudley Moore, Margaret Colin, Catherine Hicks, Sean Austin 

Side Out - (1990) - Color - PG-13 - C. Thomas Howell, Peter Horton, Courtney Thorne-Smith

BONUS – DVD wrap doubles as a Full cover pin-up poster of the one-and-only JOHNNY DEPP!


  1. I've never seen any of these movies. The 80s were just a blur for me, man. And not even for a good reason like drugs.

    1. They Are remaking Flatliners this year, not sure why the original is just fine! As far as this group of movies I have to say Side Out was the most fun in my opinion.

  2. I saw Flatliners and Billie Jean in the theater. I remember loving Billie Jean and then saw a clip recently that made me question my recollection.


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