The Midnite Drive-In Presents

I love doing Blogathon's because it gives you a reason to finally watch some of those movies you have on your backlog. I have not really done much in the way of Film Noir so I'm really digging the change here.

You would not believe what movies I put in for. Well ok, some of you might.

In the meantime if you are interested in doing the Blogathon head on over to Midnite Drive-In and sign up today. And if there is a Blogathon you feel I would enjoy taking part in leave me a comment below.

So my picks yep doing two for this one will be......

Yeah the not so classic Ed Wood Jail Bait is one of two that I have wanted to see in quite some time now. Then I found Christmas Holiday I never knew this existed! So I'm pretty excited about both films. Watch for my review in August you know right around my birthday.


  1. WElcome to the show. Just checked in to check out your blog. Love the title of it.


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