My My Miss American Pie!

Sometime's my wife love's me and helps with my sad addiction to movies. She worked out of town last week and spotted a Dollar Tree and was so kind to go in and have a look around. My wife, well she hates the Dollar Tree so this was huge! I'm really glad she did as she scored me the American Pie on Blu that I was so upset that others were finding!

Picked up Admission solely based on Tina and Paul have no idea what this is about. After watching the trailer it looks ok.

 Then there are these complete blind buy's, both of them look fun I'm actually moving Life Happens to the top of the list looks really good. Also, today I found Salted Caramel Moon Pies!! When did this happen??  Can I eat one before dinner?

So there you have not much just more dollar finds. Have a good week and happy hunting!


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