Haunted Hollywood Series

Coming this Friday
FullMoonStreaming And
Horror Film Historian David Del Valle
Unleash "Haunted Hollywood"

Writer, author, media personality and legendary cinema gadfly David Del Valle to host unique 20 part TV series profiling the strangest, spookiest tales in Hollywood history.

Writer, film historian, and celebrated horror obsessive David Del Valle has led a remarkable life on the fringes of Hollywood and has, over his 40 plus years immersing himself in fan culture, collected enough stories to fill the pages of dozens of books.

In fact, Del Valle has indeed released several books over the years (including the well-reviewed SIX REELS UNDER) charting his amusing, often profound and insightful adventures with cinema's most fascinating figures. But now, the genre culture mainstay has partnered up with producers Charles Band and David Decoteau for his first ever TV show; a lively, funny and insightful blast of anecdotal cool called HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD.

HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD is a 20 part series EXCLUSIVE to FullMoonStreaming, written and hosted by Del Valle, who picks a figure from Hollyweird's storied - and often tragic - past and tells their darkest true life (and death) tales, often offering incredible, sometimes controversial personal stories of his experiences with them.

Del Valle also shares remarkable exclusive photos culled from his "The Del Valle Archives" memorabilia collection. There's truly no other film culture series quite like it, with each fascinating episode of HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD leading and bleeding into the screening of a classic film that figures into the tale being told.

"I'm so excited to see our little show come screaming into the world," said Del Valle.

"HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD works symbiotically with my books, telling my stories about my adventures with genre cinema's greatest eccentrics and their sometimes sad, but always colorful lives. I hope audiences have as much fun watching it as we did making it."

HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD is a unique and wildly entertaining series, offering the candor, intellect, inside insight and caustic wit that Del Valle is known for in his many media ventures (including his column "Camp Grindhouse" in Full Moon's acclaimed DELIRIUM magazine).

To start watching HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD now, subscribe to FullMoonStreaming.com today and start your journey into the coolest portal to strange cinema in the streaming universe. FullMoonStreaming offers hundreds of incredible titles - with new ones added every week - culled from not only the vast Full Moon Features library but from the Euro genre world of Bill Lustig'sBlue Underground label, the exploitation funhouse that is Something Weird Video. Joe Dante's acclaimed series TRAILERS FROM HELL and much, much more!

This sounds like great fun really looking forward to this. Do not forget if you would like to sign up for Full Moon Streaming to Click my link on the side as they are an affiliate. 


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