Oscar's, Xfinity, and Pizza!

Welcome my House Pary for the Oscars grab the new XFINITY X1 Voice Remote I swear this will change the way you experience TV. Ask the Voice Remote for a recommendation and X1 from XFINITY is smart enough to get you to exactly what you want to watch from live TV, On Demand, and your DVR library. Well, sort of...

Unfortunately, the new remote did not work with my X1 which is odd it's not that old. In the spirit of the house party. I will give Xfinity some credit when I called they did off to send me a new box. Sadly tho it will not show up in time for the part. *Bummer*

But that did not slow down the party at all! It was time to have fun and pick the Oscars! The party pack was really nice we received these props a red carpet (That We did not use) cups and plates a selfie stick and, of course, the remote.

Of course, we had fooooood baby Pizza, Brownies, cookies, dips chips and, of course, Pop Corn! The party might not have lasted as long as the Oscars. We all were happy with Inside out winning but we were upset about Star Wars not getting anything. I'm looking forward to watching Creed and Martian sometime soon.  So even tho the remote did not work as planned and I only had 8 of my 10 guest's show up it was still fun.
I have my fingers crossed that I get the Powerpuff Girls party especially since I'm surrounded by girls in this house not to mention all of their friends as well (LOL).

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