Holy Wackamoly the Powerpuff Girls are coming!

So even tho my last house party did not go so well (I will post that tomorrow) I just have to try my luck again with the NEW yes NEW PowerPuff Girls coming back to Cartoon Network! One of the questions asked was what charter does your child best identifies with well that was bubbles but now that she is older it would have to be Princes Morbucks! Even if we do not get this party I know we will be talking about it come April!!

So come on House Party you know you want to pick the Man Cave for this one!!

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are three super-powered sisters who use their extraordinary abilities to take down massive monsters, diabolical fashionistas, nefarious packrats, and any other menace that threatens their beloved home of Townsville. A rogues gallery of wild new villains and classic foes such as Mojo Jojo, Princess Morbucks and the Amoeba Boys are no match for our super-human siblings. Each girl is unique in both powers and personality: Blossom is the level-headed leader, Bubbles is everyone’s BFF, and Buttercup is the powerhouse tough girl. And by working together, the Powerpuff Girls prove that they can overcome even the most daunting challenges, from rampaging lumberjacks to — yikes — the first day of school.

For more information on joining House Party for yourself just click here!

Holy Wackamoly the Powerpuff Girls are coming!


  1. I always liked the Powerpuff Girls. Nice that they'll be back!

  2. My youngest daughter loves The Powerpuff Girls. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Aw yeah! My 3 year old daughter and I have been watching the Power Puff Girls on Netflix. She's always like "I wanna watch Power Girls!" I still need to watch the new season of Samurai Jack.


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