Two King Kongs Fight to the Death!

King Kong Escapes
1967 | B&W | 96 min | 2.35.1 | G | Mono | Action | Toho Company 

IshirĂ´ Honda (as Inoshiro Honda)

Takeshi Kimura (as Kaoru Mabuchi)

Rhodes Reason
Mie Hama
Linda Miller

When a mechanical replica of King Kong is unable to dig for the highly radioactive Element X at the North Pole, the evil Doctor Who and his sponsor Madame Piranha (Madame X in the American release) decides to kidnap the real Kong. As an insurance policy they kidnap Lt. Susan Miller as well as her boyfriend Lt. CommanderJiro Nomura and Cmdr. Carl Nelson (Kong developed a crush on Susan when she Nomura and Nelson visited the Kong at his home on Mondo Island). Kong later escapes and heads for Tokyo. Susan and the others also escape. Who and his minions follow him and activate Mechani-Kong in order to recapture him. Susan is then grabbed by the robot and is taken to the top of Tokyo Tower and a battle ensues between Kong and his robotic replica.

This is easily one of my all time favorite rubber monster suit movies! It never gets old and I swear I could watch it every time it is on. It could have something to do with Rankin and Bass giving a helping hand to the production as well. But for me, it has to be the super sweet and over the top cute Linda Miller who plays Lieutenant Susan Watson! Sure the story is goofy and Kong is quite silly looking but this movie works and will not let you down when it comes to the fun factor!! 

Linda Miller
It's cold here in Illinois so what a better way to spend your night with your family by inviting Svengoolie into your home for a fun time. This film is pretty lengthy, so you will get a little less Sven shtick to provide you with more of the movie.”King Kong Escapes” check your local listings tonight on MeTV at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central. In Chicago, on the U, viewers get another look at “Werewolf of London” at 11 am.

Let me know what you think about King Kong Escapes and Linda Miller!


  1. Wait, the villain is named Dr. Who? Man, I need to see this one!


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