Pie in the face!

We have been digging the new Game Pie In The Face! Even the cousins had fun playing this one. Note that the girls are not as scared as the boys. I have to admit I have been playing some fun retro games as well and that has taken up a ton of my free time. Not to mention South Park The Stick of Truth game that has me addicted! No, really it calls to me in my sleep. And I stink at RPG but I can not put this bad boy down.



  1. I had heard of this new game "Pie in the Face" but haven't seen it before, so thanks for the video. It's not as messy as I had imagined.

    1. Well it could get messy I have seen some video's where they load up on whip cream.

  2. oh boy - I love shopping at Tom Nooks place. I use to sit and watch my daughter play Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon for hours. Such sweet little games.

    1. I spent endless hours playing Animal Crossing it really is a fun game!


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