Christmas Has A New Hero!

2012 | Color | 86 min | 2.35.1 | G | Stereo | Family | Wiseacre Films

Ethan Wiley

Ethan Wiley
Richard Jefferies

Jason 'Wee Man' Acuña
Jeffrey Combs
Mackenzie Astin

An Elf is left behind by Santa to help rescue the Harper family from a lousy Christmas. The Elf and the family get more than they bargained for, as the kids help the Elf discover his special powers and true identity as a budding superhero.

Boy, I'm in a rut with movies lately.  Why the late entry with a Christmas movie well I bought this years ago and have always wanted to watch it and have always placed it on the back burner. With names like Wee Man and Jeffery Combs, how can one go wrong? This will be Wee Man's only family friendly movie for the Jackass star. And with that being said he was not to bad and almost believable. And as for Combs why the heck did he agree to this movie. He was so awkward in his charter and seemed to try really hard to channel his inner Home Alone wet bandit wannabe bad guy. He was so week that he takes you out of the movie.

This is a very low budget movie and you can tell. Poor production values along with boring views to go along with a silly plot made this a snooze fest all the way through. It's really hard to understand who the direct audience is for this movie. Jackass fans probably wondered what the heck happened and Comb fans will walk away numb and disgusted.

Unless you are a fan of Wee Man there is really no reason to watch this movie. In fact, there is no reason to keep writing about this one so....

2 Samurai Santa's
2 of 75 in 2016


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