A Fairy Tale for Adults Only!

SINderella and the Golden Bra
1964 | Color | 72 min | 1.37.1 | R | Stereo | Comedy | Something Weird Films

Source: Full Moon Streaming

Loel Minardi

Frank Squires

Suzanne Sybele
Bill Gaskin
David Duffield

Sinderella and the Golden Bra, a cardboard storybook fairy tale that plays like one of those K. Gordon Murray children's films shown at kiddie matinees in the 1960s except – and this is significant – this one comes with bare breasts.

Anyway, the king holds a masked ball so that Prince David will stop fantasizing about the woman he dreams about and pick a maiden from the village. Of course, the woman in the Prince's dreams is none other than Derella (French import SUZANNE SYBELE with a thick accent) who's mistreated by her hag stepmother and two ugly stepsisters. But Derella's Fairy Godfather (scary SYDNEY LASSICK, of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, who also does a scene in drag) climbs in her window one evening and gives her a magic gown to wear to the ball provided that she returns home before midnight -- which she does, leaving her golden brassiere behind. With the B-cups in hand, the prince then searches for 'the perfect fit' between the kingdom's lovely maidens (including ALTHEA CURRIER of Kiss Me Quick) and the Golden Bra....

So what possessed me to watch a nudie cutie? Well, this was a musical so that makes it ok right? And hey Charles Band said it was good. So those crazy free and sexy 60's hit my living room and I was not sure what to expect. I do know I wanted to check out a novelty movie that is from an era gone by. Now the budget must have been a few hundred bucks because its was done on one sound stage made of cardboard cut outs and bad costumes.

As you can see in my screen grabs the movie is what it is Something Wierd do not but anything into restoring this one so it is muddy and washed out at times. Also, and  I quote a "Nudie Cuttie" this was lacking hardly any Nudity!  What you see in my grabs are about it! You get a few more quick glimpses but not enough for that man back in the 60's that had to go back home to his fridged wife. (That is why they made these right?) And most of the girls look pissed off having to do this movie. But with all of that out of the way this movie is kind of good! No really, its funny the story grabs you and leaves you chuckling. Maybe I liked it due to the lack of breast's?  You have to admit a Musical based on Cinderella that uses a bra over a glass slipper should be cinematic gold! And how did that man in the cinema not get even more sexually frustrated when the title makes you think that we will see all kinds of breast trying on a bra right, well wrong. This really could pass for PG-13 today.

Is the movie worth your hour and fifteen minutes well if you like this kind of thing sure but for me no it was just ok. I did experience it and I can move on. I did not hate it but I can not tell you to watch it. For what it is it does deserve to be preserved and cleaned up maybe that will help. The songs are not memorable but fun in many clever ways. If you are like me and do not want to feel dirty watching this kind of movie this is a good starting point I guess.

Well anyway,

2 Bloody Brains 


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