Happy Halloween!

Wow did Halloween get away from me this year! So much going on and not enough time. We have not even carved the pumpkins yet. But in all of this craziness we have done some really cool and fun things.

October started with a Wedding. Ella and Lianey made
great Flower Girls
Early on in the month Justine's Halloween Blog came up with a great and fun idea to share Mix Tapes! I had a blast digging through my old Cd's looking for the right songs. Justine's mix is still in my car and has been playing scene the day it arrived.
Here is a cover of the mix tape I made.

Next up AIEOU....and Sometimes Why came up with another great idea with the Great Pumpkin Gift Exchange.

I sent out a few movie posters, convention cards,  eyeballs, gummy boogers and body parts. My Halloween Mix that I shared with Justine, home made Svengoolie DVD hosting Killer Klowns from Outer space and More. I had fun putting this together.
When my box came from Lisa over at Maple Grove Cemetery I was blown away! My girls loved the big rat and decorations and still drink out of the gobbets at dinner but what blew me a way was...

Cool Box
Some of my gift box
These are great this photo does nothing for them.
 ... this Man Cave hand made sign!!!! I love it I will post a picture of its new home in the near future. It will remain up all year. Thanks to Maple Grove Cemetery.

Then it was time for our first Halloween/Birthday Party. Costumes where not in yet so we scrambled to come up with something. Lainey went as a fifth grader and after Ella heard the birthday boy was going as Brett Michele she became a Poison Fan. Pulling out all that old 80's stuff was fun for my wife and I.

The costumes finely arrived from California where my Wife's aunt hand makes them! They are wonderful

Lainey as Snow White

Ella as Kermit!

Then it was time for Trunk or Treat at school.

Mr.Rat guarding the the candy
Ella and Max went as Babys
Fun costumes 
Car decked out.

Then when I came home the other day I was shocked to see that I won the Playmobile Trick or Treaters from AEIOU's contest! Thanks Dex.

So it has been a wonderful time here at the cave I just wish I had more time to post! I missed so many things that I wanted to do and I will still do them (Creepmas is coming). I thank everybody that has stopped by the Man Cave and I wish you all a Happy Halloween.


  1. Happy Halloween! Looks like you had a great month!

  2. Wow! You packed a lot of fun stuff into October! Weddings, birthdays, trunk-or-treating, CD making, and gift exchanges! You ended up with a pretty cool gift box from The Great Pumpkin. That rat is huge! He made a nice addition to your trunk display. Not to mention your new Man Cave sign. How thoughtful of her! I loved the little Bret Micheals! How cute they were in their 80's outfits! It's like you've had a month-long celebration. Happy Halloween! :)

    1. Thanks Justine its been a fun but long month. I think I was burned out the week before Halloween :( and here it is days later and I still have a ton to do. Oh well as long as the kids are having fun.

  3. Looks like you had a great Season! Looking forward to more Mancave Maddness in 2013. Happy Halloween!

    1. Thanks Kelly! Looking forward to doing more in the cave thanks for stopping by.


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