Count Down To Halloween Day 14

NBC's 'Munsters' Reboot 'Mockingbird Lane'

Mockingbird Lane is the dark drama version of The Munsters. This was set to be a new televison show for NBC. Bryan Fuller and NBC seemed to butt heads and have scrapped the the idea over creative differences. Now the $10 Million dollar pilot is a stand alone Halloween special. Mockingbird Lane will air October 26th at 8pm.

Here is a list of the cast:

Jerry O’Connell (“Sliders”) as dad Herman; Portia de Rossi (“Arrested Development”) as mom Lily; Eddie Izzard (“The Riches”) as vampire Grandpa; Mason Cook (“Spy Kids in 4D”) as werewolf son Eddie; and British newcomer Charity Wakefield as “plain” cousin Marilyn.


  1. Thanks for the image of the new cast... is "Herman" to look "Human"...??

    1. Yeah they all look a little to Human. I'm sure that is part of the problem for the show. Buy the look of the cast I'm not sure I care to watch.

  2. I will try to see if I can be at a TV (with "reception")to view this.... Thank you good sir ...and I have Not Forgotten about the "Liebster Award"....


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