Let it Snow??

See dad it snowed.

So today the kids just could not wait for me to get home. When I got to the sitters they had their coats and out the door they went. I love the magic of the first snowfall but this was more like ice pellets not pretty at all. Never the less they were overjoyed to run around in it.

I think the Hat has more Teeth then Ella

More Like Ice

This week Ella's blood sugars have been all over the place. So after days of trying new things, I think I found the right mix. So far her blood sugars are spot on! I still say the weather has a lot to do with your body.


  1. I can remember when I was her age. Sleet and ice were the same as snow! Snow sure does seem different to us adults now. Ah the bliss of youth... Great pics!

  2. wicKEd I must say I still get really giddy when it comes to the real first snow :) but your right when you hear snow in the forecast all you can do is think ooh my back.


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