19 Sleep's to Creepmas

I'm a CREEP for The 13 Days of CREEPMAS

The list is growing! Up to 32 blogger's and websites gearing up for Creepmas 2011. Head on over (click the bottom at the top) to sign up or just follow along. Should be fun I have a few post's ready. I'm looking forward to seeing how people contribute to the event. I think this will be great retail therapy. I'm already sick of the Christmas tree up at work and the focus on the holiday. A Chicago radio station has started playing Christmas music already and the local station starts next Friday. Don't get me wrong I love Christmas Its just working in Retail hell with big corporation's truly forgetting what the holiday sucks. That's why I can't wait to come home to Creepmas for 13 fun filled days.

(Oh my sorry about the rant)


  1. The local Boston Oldies station started its annual 24/7 holiday music today...which the wife loves. It doesn't help that there are less than 20 different Christmas songs to start with but they play the same versions over and over and over....

    I have a few Creepmas music posts planned to help others combat the usual holiday tidings.


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