Chicago get's into the Creepmas spirit

Silent Night of the Living Dead

Theater Wit1229 W Belmont Ave Chicago

Barbara Cooper is home from college and she’s brought her new man-friend Ben to meet her family. And Mr. Cooper will be DAMNED if some zombie apocalypse nonsense is going to get in the way of Mrs. Cooper’s perfect Cooper Family Christmas—even if he finds himself with an insatiable craving for brains! It’s a race against the kitchen timer as the Zombies close in, threatening everyone’s Christmas cheer. What will become of Barbara’s family? Can Ben save Christmas?? Will the turkey be dry??? Grab the nearest blunt instrument, and gather under the mistletoe to find out on the Silent Night of the Living Dead!

Presented by New Millennium Theatre Company

Dec 2 - Dec 18, 2011

Fri, Dec 2: 10:00pm
Sat, Dec 3: 11:00pm
Sun, Dec 4: 5:00pm
Fri, Dec 9: 10:00pm
Sat, Dec 10: 11:00pm
Sun, Dec 11: 5:00pm
Fri, Dec 16: 10:00pm
Sat, Dec 17: 11:00pm
Sun, Dec 18: 5:00pm
Thu, Dec 29: 8:00pm
Fri, Dec 30: 8:00pm


Show Type: Comedy/Drama

Box Office: 773-975-8150

Looking into tickets this looks like fun.


  1. That is too cool. I hope you get tickets... I would like to hear more. Yay Creepmas!


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