A little Svengoolie News

This week on MeTv will be "Island of Lost Souls"

So if you have never seen Svengoolie somebody over on the youtube posted the first 3 minutes of the intro.

Also this week Sven has said "we will be showing  “The Mummy’s Ghost” with John Carradine- in 2012."
And if that was not enough hinted to showing the Car as well. In his blog he was warning his new viewers  about Svensurround "I continue to hear from viewers about the Flash Gordon Svensurround episode…and the verdict is almost entirely “thumbs up”! That gives me some hope for when we run “The Car”, which is just loaded with Svensurround" said Svengoolie. "I’m sure there will be a few complaints that I have ruined this great “classic”. As I’ve said before- damned if you do, damned if you don’t. You can’t please everyone. I especially enjoy when said complainers react with such outrage when I honestly suggest that, if they want to see the movie untouched". I love the classic bit. Sure The Car is not the greatest movie on the planet but as a kid I loved this movie! And I'm a big fan of Svensurround as well. Its not over the top and most of the time it makes the movie more tolerable. I watched a horror host over do it with Fart and burp noise once and I'm not sure that I have watched that show again.

Once I get the newsletter you can bet I will post it here on Saturdays. Sure hope some of you can catch Sven or your local Me-Tv their is nothing better on a cold winters night.

Also sorry for the lack of post's this past week work is really demanding right now and will be the first week of December. This makes me cringe a little as we head into the Creepmas countdown! I will do my best I promise and I can't wait to see what others have to post.


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