The Magic Hockey Skates

The Magic Hockey Skates
2012 | G | 21 Min | Family | Amberwood Ent.
Jason Boose
Sarah Mercey
Lorne Cameron
Allen Morgan
Don Cherry
Bob Cole
Millie Davis

Young Joey dreams of playing hockey like his idol, Rocky St. Jean, but he can barely skate. Determined to prove his doubting brother, Zack, wrong, Joey dearly wants Rocky endorsed brand skates to improve his game. Unfortunately, Joey has to settle for a used pair, but an old bearded store clerk secretly assures him that they can grant three wishes. However unbelievable that sounds, Joey tests that claim and he finds he has uncannily improved. With now convinced, Joey strives to use this magic to be the best he can, including considering using his last wish to interview Rocky at an upcoming tournament. Once he is there though, Joey finds himself in the center of something far more magical in itself.

Based on the 1991 book of the same name and produced by Amberwood Entertainment, “The Magic Hockey Skates” is a 2D animated special that follows a young boys’ journey as he gains confidence and self-respect with the help of a pair of magic skates. This lovely tale comes with plenty of fun and guidance wrapped around wonderful looking animations as well as the gleeful cast. The Magic Skates is a nice little surprise for the holiday season.

This was such a wonderful gift on a cold afternoon that I just happened to stumble upon. If your still young at heart and looking for a fun journey this holiday season seek out The Magic Skates.  This heartwarming tale just might make your day.

4 Ninja Santa's out of 5


  1. This is, of course, a Canadian made-for-TV special. It was hyped up here as a new Canadian CLASSIC! I was disappointed in it. But then, I'm not the target audience for it, I guess.


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