Holy Molly what a crazy week it has been, this week at school we had an 8th-grade night as our kids said thank you for all that we have done for the past 8 years. And it was a nice way for the kids to get recognized for everything they have done.

Then on Friday, the school hosted a movie night and it was crazy! All those screaming children ugh not sure many watched "Small Foot" I think that's the name of it. 

I could not tell you anything about the movie I was making popcorn all night but when it was over seemed like the kids had fun. And then came #Snowpocalpese 2019, I get it we knew it was coming but it is still fun to talk about anyway right? Sadly tho I rather have been home with my feet up watching out the window instead I was at work. 

Sadly the excitement came when a driver lost control on route 80 slid off the road and crashed into a power pole. That said pole then dropped down enough for an oncoming Semi to get tangled in the wires pulling them down.  The good new everybody was fine Rt 80 was closed for a few hours and the best part...

We worked in the dark and crazy enough we where busy. Of course, some of the customers were those that had to get off 80 so they came and hung out with us. The power was out from 10am until 4pm and even though the building got cold and we ran on backup power we made the best of it. 

So that was my week in a nutshell next week is to be pretty crazy Ella starts Mamma Mia and Lainey starts Volleyball games. So how was your crazy week?

Oh and my kid is way more popular on Twitter than me 


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