Happy New Year

Well, gang 2018 is in the books and a fresh clean slate is upon us. 2018 was defiantly an up and down year for us. The crowning achievement has to be both girls getting parts in our local theatre's production of Joesph and the Amazing Color Dream Coat.  And Ella did not stop there getting a roll in Something Wicked This Way Comes at the college. It's hard to believe my 8th grader who has severe PTSD and Anxiety made two plays that changed her life! This was truly a godsend for her and has opened the world up giving her new life.

And it does not end there as both made it into White Christmas as well and Ella tried out for Mamma Mia at the college competing with 80 plus students and was selected for a part.  Looks like this dad has a few theater kids on his hands and really could not be any prouder.

Steve and I got together again this summer for a week of fun at Horizon camp! It was a little bit on the rough side for Steve as we found ourselves in the cabin chilling out to movies and board games during the super hot days. Thankfully the cooler nights allowed us to hang out with friends playing cards and laughing about life.

Ella's Confermation

Well, the big bump in the road was my wife seeing the business that she worked hard at for 30 years close their doors. It was a big sad process watching Bergners close down and to watch my wife come home emotionally exhausted every day. And thanks to living in this small town that has watched its mall slowly fade away jobs have become pretty hard to find. So here is to a better year on that front.

So what is in it for me in 2019, well this blog turns 10 can you believe it? I simply started out as a way to relax and communicate with Steve long before Facebook and well My Space. But as the years gone by my blog changed as well, now it is more of a journal and a way to remember my time here on earth. As much as blogging has dried up I will keep it going it is still fun and relaxing for me. I love checking in on many of my blog friends as well.  Still not a big fan of Facebook.

 Myself, Eric, Heather, And Dad

I know I say it every year I want to make this more personal as well but I can never crawl out of my shell feeling like nobody wants to hear it. I promise I will work on it agian this year.  Last year I challenged myself to watch and review 52 movies. I finished well into the '60s and as a busy dad, I'm proud of that. So this year I'm shooting for 100!

My favorite picture that I took this year, The Clouds look like a waterfall.

Also looking to do more Blogathons this year as they really open my mind to new things. And it's a great way to knock titles off of the backlog.

My top likes on Instagram

Ok keeping it simple in 2019 nothing drastic! As always I can not thank my readers enough! You guys keep me going.

🎇Happy New Year🎉



  1. Job loss due to business closure sucks. I hope your wife is able to find another position doing something she enjoys. Sounds like you're going to be going to the theatre a lot in the coming year(s)! That's great! And I hope Steve and you have some cooler weather for the 2019 camp so it's easier to get out and about. Happy New Year!


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