Oregon Trail the Game

So yesterday I wrote about the Movie from 1959 Staring Fred MacMurray in The Oregon Trail. Truth be told my obsession with the trial started this past summer at camp when we spent hours upon hours trying to beat the game!  We came close a few times just to fall short thanks to snakes, starvation or any other type of death you run into on the dusty trails.

The game was very addicting once you learned the in's and out's but when you broke open the box your initial thought will be holy crap this is hard to understand. Trust us it is well worth the early struggles.

So if your looking for a fun party game this could do the trick as for a family game it can get a tad bit frustrating. For Steve and I will give this game a solid...

4 out of 5 Stars

And if you liked the song from my video feel free to download it here.


  1. There is another game recently released based on Oregon Trail too. It looks a bit more involved and more of a strategy game than the Pressman one (which I haven't heard great things about)


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