Halloween Costume time!

You know have been stalking the Halloween stores already and if not you know you have been googling costumes I mean come on Halloween is 43 days away! So here are the top five I have seen so far!

Number 5 Sandy

I guess in my heart we should all go as Oliva-Newton John just to show support as she battles cancer for the third time in her life.

Number 4 Rockford Peach

I don't know I just think this is cute would love it if my girls would go as Rockford Peaches.

Number 3 He-Man

I mean come on look at the wig! Pure gold.

Number 2 Johnny

Man, I love Johnny Bravo and to have fake buff muscles for a day sign me up.

And Number 1 Cobra Kia 

Yeah, this is cool! So glad to see the classic looks coming back as we get away from the whole sexy look and by god may the Emoji trend be gone forever!


  1. You're right -- that He-Man wig!!! Everyone looks good in a nice bob.


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