Trim The Creepmas Tree

It's that time again to hang up the holey socks, put another Zombie leg on the fire and put up our Creepmas Tree. I found a few ideas on the world wide web for you to get into the spirit.

First up the tree...

Black seems nice and appropriate time to trim it up...

I found this cool idea over at Momtasic nothing beats candy corn garland. Click Here to see for yourself just how easy this is. 

What's a creepmas tree without ornaments? And these cool ornaments by thedustyraven are a perfect way to branch the gap between Halloween and Christmas with their spider shapes and Christmas light bodies.

We use to make Clothes Pin ornaments all the time as kids but I must say this Headless Horseman would be great on my tree.

Here are a few more ideas for you...

Time to hang the stockings...

Aaaaah much better almost set for the Creepmas season, I have by burning flesh scented candle burning, Black Christmas in the DVD player time to foot my feet up. But I will always be ready like Harvey Weinstein under the.... 


This is part of the 13 days of Creepmas make sure to check out the other creepers HERE


  1. Love that Santa in a thong. Happy Creepmas! Looking forward to 13 days of blogging fun.

  2. I just LOVE the candy corn garland and those xmas light bulb spiders! But I simply cannot handle that Santa in a thong. He's all yours, Lady M.

  3. I just love the Stockings, cant wait to see when its finished.
    Creepmas has begun! Click here!

  4. Like the Monster stocking.... Cool !!


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