Source Photo from Sam Adams web site.
I love nothing more than cracking open that first brew of the fall season. And being a huge Leinekugel fan I was out to find something different.

The popularity of Samuel Adams peeked my curiosity. As the bartender poured my first glass you can instantly see the dark ruby red color fill. The color quickly fades into a crisp copper looking beer with a very small head. The aroma was kind of a citrus and caramelized sugar with a distinct malt flavor.

And the taste being pretty close to a sweet citrus malt. Put them all together and you defiantly have that  wind blowing in the colored leaves on a gorgeous fall afternoon feel and taste. This is truly a fall beer and can defiantly be enjoyed on a fun football Sunday with the guys or while raking the yard.

I would rate Samuel Adams Octoberfest a 3.5 out of 5.

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*I love how a beer review gets to start out my Count Down To Halloween 2014! Tomorrow Family Fun Night.


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