It's going to be a Frozen Halloween.

What a wonderful month this as been. The weather has been perfect the fall colors unbelievable. Here is a look back at some of the things we did to celebrate the season. First up a few things that I found at the Burgoo in downtown Utica.

I just love this wish it was for sale.

So the artist that made this carried it into a theatre just to have Robert Engled sign it. It's very cool this picture does it no justice. 

I was shocked when my wife said I could take this home! Kind of wish I did. Next up our first Trick or Treating came in the form of a private block party.

Then this past weekend was the Pumpkin Patch and Trick or Treating downtown LaSalle. What a great day, perfect weather at 70 degrees.

And nothing like a surprise treat in your lunch bag all week

So tomorrow brings Trunk or Treat at school. A Halloween Party and of course bundling up for the coldest Halloween my kids have witnessed so far for trick or treating.


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