Happy Svengoolie day! Happy Halloween.

Well, here it is boils and ghouls Halloween. They day we have been counting down to! For most of us this is our Christmas. So much to do and I can not wait to do it. So many people are worried about the cold my kids and I say bring it on!!! In Illinois, we are celebrating Svengoolie/Rich Koz day. To me, that is great fun and a well deserved day for him. I thank everybody that has stopped by I sure have a blast doing this every year and hope that you will follow me as I gear up for Creepmas that is around the corner. Happy Halloween my friends have a safe and wonderful day!




  1. Its great to see kids in costumes at school. Texas, were we lived when our daughter grew up was all like "Satan's Holy Day" yadda yadda yadda. Hence she never got to go to school in a Halloween costume.


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