Just poke me in the eye! Terror Vision

Killer Eye
1999 | Color | 72 Min | 1:85:1 | R | Horror| 2.0 | Full Moon Horror

Directed by:
Richard Chasen

Benjamin Carr
Rolfe Kanefsky

Nanette Bianchi 
Ryan Van Steenis
Jonathan Norman
Jacqueline Lovell
Dave Oren Ward

In an attempt to prove his theory that the human eye is the gateway to another dimension, a brilliant ophthalmologist performs his final experiment on an unwitting homeless subject. As in all previous attempts, it seems to be yet another miserable waste of life. But something begins to stir in one of the still eye sockets of the victim. The dead man's eye rises into the air and expands to enormous size. A new form of life has begun. A seemingly invincible being of pure light energy – driven by a hunger for knowledge and a taste for young women. It's feeding time.
wait what?

So after watching Killer Eye 2 Halloween Haunt I was eager to say the one that started it all. Killer Eye 2 was not great but very entertaining. Silly me for thinking that this would be more of the same. All this movie provides is soft core porn with an eyeball. No really and in slow motion as well. 

Yes the Eyeball is making love in the shower.
Now the eye candy does go both ways as it is a very good looking and young cast. But if you look up what other work they did most of them never worked again. I think this movie destroyed acting careers. 

And the ending! Ugh really I'm sure it's not much of a spoiler when I say both ladies end the movie moaning in pain holding their stomachs. But thank god that is not how the sequel started. In fact the only part of the first movie in the sequel is the video playing in the background on TV. I'm a Full Moon Fan and understand fully what I'm getting into when I pop one of their movies in. But this one was the bottom of the barrel. As for it's cult like following why I ask? Why??

I'm going to stop now.

Rated R for strong bizarre sexual content, some drug use and language. Duh.

One Bloody Brain out of 5 Ouch

Here is the link to my review from back in 2012 Killer Eye 2: Halloween Haunt. My review writing skills suck but you get the point.

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  1. "creepy" and interesting creature concept.....
    Never heard of this one before...
    A giant slithering eyeball.... cool.....

  2. The eyeball is cool no doubt about that.


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