Who You Gonna call?

The Asylum films are at it again, this time, Amateur ghost hunting friends go on a tour of America's Most Haunted House, the witch turns into more horror than they could imagine! Hitting DVD/Blu-Ray this summer in a Widescreen presentation, 5.1 surround sound. Also included will be a Making of featurette. The film clocks in at 90 minutes.

Produced by Asylum vet David Michael Latt (Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, American Battleship, and the SyFi classic 2 Headed Shark Attack) along with David Rimawi and Paul Bales.

The Directer and Writer Jose Paredes has also brought us Countdown: Jerusalem and The Day the Earth Stopped and Nannyland now gives us a horrifying tale about one of the most haunted houses in America.

Stephanie Greco has seen a ghost.

The Movie Stars Stephanie Greco (The Day The Earth Stopped and Nannyland). And incredibly cult icon Lynn Lowry joined the cast. I'm sure that is 50% of the budget! Lowry has been part of classics like I Drink Your Blood (1970) The Crazies (2010 & 1973) and one of my favorites from 1982 Cat People. Checkmate Asylum!  

Oil Monster.

So be sure to watch for the DVD and Blu-Ray July 31st in fine retailers everywhere.

Thier is no preview at this time so how about The Day the Earth Stopped preview to wet your whistle.


  1. Have you checked out the new "Cabin in the Woods" yet? My brother said I have to go see it, said it "is your kinda movie Sis."

    1. Sounds like I need to check this one out! Have you seen it yet? If you do let me know.


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