Entertain People and they Won't Hit You with Bill Oberst Jr.

I was watching a trailer on you tube witch lead me to Zombie Ass that then lead me to (Not Sure Why) Bill Oberst Jr.'s interview. In the interview he talks about life growing up and how he talks to kids on the subject today. It is always great to see actor's being good role models. Its just not something that happens everyday. I was bullied as a kid. It took a long time to get over it. But I did learn to forgive and move on. Most of those kids are worse off then me today. Thanks Bill for killing Zombie's, Shagging Nude Nuns, and helping today's youth.


  1. Somehow I am not surprised that a trailer for Zombie Ass led you to an Oberst link. You were bullied? And now you run the freaking man cave! "See kids, Bob & I were both bullied and we turned out fine - he runs an exploitation blog and I bitchslap nuns." No seriously I am glad you dug the interview. I figure maybe kids might listen to guys like us cause we ain't preaching to them, just telling it like we experienced it. Mark Twain was right, bullies are cowards.

  2. Very well put - lot of wisdom in those words. Georgetown taught you well!


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