Home Alone 5: Alone in the Dark

ABC Family has announced that "Home Alone 5: Alone In the Dark" is in the works. ABC back in November 2002 gave us "Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House". Home Alone will star Malcolm (Halloween) Debi Mazar (Batman Forever), Edward Esner (Up), Eddie Steeples (My Name Is Earl), Jodelle Ferland (Twilight Eclipses). New comer Christian Martyn will be taking the lead as Fin, an 8-year-old boy who moves from California to a creepy house in Maine. Finn is convinced the house is haunted by a ghost.

Finn is determined to catch the ghost in action so he sets up a series of traps. Of course these traps win help them catch a group of thieves who try to break in while Finn and his sister are left alone.

Home Alone 5 will premiere during ABC family's annual holiday count down "The 25 days of Christmas"

NEWSPRINT TO THE RESCUE: The Home Alone 5 Christmas movie started shooting in Winnipeg this week, without the natural snow California movie makers expected here in March. But never fear! California crews have been faking snow scenes for years, using newsprint. "Yes, we can do this, but it's very, very expensive," said co-executive producer Dennis Murphy, surveying their snow-making effort. They need seven days of snow shoots before they film indoors at the Manitoba Production Centre sound stage on Pacific Avenue. Yours truly saw huge lawns in The Gates mansion area being covered with humongous white blanket underclothes, to be sprayed with heaps of bleached and shredded newsprint. Sophisticated neighbors in the area are taking a suspicious number of "health walks" to see Tinseltown types decorate for Christmas Hollywood-style. Yours truly saw one guy on a ladder up an evergreen tree, hanging two-foot shiny colored balls over a green lawn. Surreal!

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