Spend Your Creepmas With Sventa Claus

Merry Creepmas From Sventa Claus

Sventa Claus 
Ah with the tree lights a twinkle fresh snow on the ground. I sit and I wait for Sventa Claus to come to town. This December he has a few cheery treats for me. From Bob to Bela and Martians with no glee. Svengoolie for Christmas will fill all your needs. So settle on in a give the Sven a spin. From Berwyn to Cali this Goul will  sure to make you happy. So to one and to  all Tune in, Tune in, tune in now. So say you can hear him say  Merry Creepmas to all and to all a good Svengoolie night.

Tonight on Svengoolie Me-TV at 9:00 Central Time.

The Ghost Breakers (1940)

Mary Carter (Paulette Goddard) inherits her family's ancestral home, located on a small island off Cuba, and, despite warnings and death threats, decides to take possession of the reputedly haunted castle. She is joined by radio broadcaster Larry Lawrence (Bob Hope) who, believing he has killed a mob gunsel, flees New York with his butler, Alex (Willie Best). Once on the island the threesome enter the eerie castle and after viewing the ghost of one of Mary's ancestors and fighting off a menacing zombie, they find the key to the castle's treasure but are interrupted by an all-too-human foe.

Today on WCIU at 11:00 AM Central Time.

Island Of Lost Souls (1932)

After his ship goes down, Edward Parker (Richard Arlen) is rescued at sea. Parker gets into a fight with Captain Davies (Stanley Fields) of the Apia and the Captain tosses him overboard while making a delivery to the tiny tropical island of Dr. Moreau (Charles Laughton). Parker discovers that Moreau has good reason to be so secretive on his lonely island. The doctor is a whip-cracking task master to a growing population of his own gruesome human/animal experiments. He does have one prize result, Lota (Kathleen Burke) the beautiful panther woman. Parker's fortunes for escape look up after his fiancée Ruth (Leila Hyams) finds him with the help of fearless Captain Donohue (Paul Hurst). However, when Moreau's tribe of near-humans rises up to rebel, no one is safe... Also Staring Bela Lugosi as the Sayer of the Law.

And for those of you lucky enough to get UToo at 3:00 central time.

Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla (1952)

Entertainers Mitchell and Petrillo (Martin & Lewis clones) parachute into the jungles of the Pacific island of Cola-Cola, where they meet primitive tribesmen, the chief's sarong-clad daughter Nona, and mad scientist Dr. Zabor conducting experiments in evolution. Jealous of Mitchell's relations with Nona, Zabor has just the thing to make a monkey of him...

For more Svengoolie info vist http://svengoolie.com/ make sure you sign up for his news letter. Also this week I would like to thank Dave over at the Terror from Beyond the Daves  for letting me use the Sventa Claus picture. If you would like to follow up on your Horror Host's this is the site to check out!

For now I leave you with A Christmas Melody


  1. Great horror makeup in Island Of The Lost Souls, creeped me out. Sventa Claus has me running to hide under the bed!

  2. charming little holiday song there. ghost breakers--one of my favorite old movies!


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