Time to Make the Ginger Dead Cookies


With the Ginger dead in the oven its time to watch a few Creepmas style Holiday Haunts. I know what you are thinking why would you watch the Black Christmas remake!


  I have looked everywhere for this movie! This looks great but it might have to wait until next year. Now to find the time to get caught up it will be a Merry Christmas.


  1. I kinda liked the Black Christmas remake. I mean it's not a great movie by any stretch but it's got some interesting kills.

  2. will have to hunt some of these down. thanks!

  3. Nice to meetcha! Awesome blog, I am trying to add on as a friend but goggle screwing with me today.

  4. Kelly thanks and thanks for the follow

    Dex I'll let you know I hope to watch it this weekend.

    Pam let me know what you think if you track any down.


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