Naughty List??

OK so Santa must really not like "Creepmas".  He is out to shut me down. He has taken away my followers on my blog and some of my friends blogs but it gets worse I'm not longer a follower of Creepmas! HOW DARE HE!! LOL hope the Krampus does not show up!

Now blogger fix this soon or you will be on my naughty list.


  1. Egads. Hope they fix that buddy!

  2. Oh no, Something is strange in bloggerland, I run a Mal-ware program that gives me an audible update every time I encounter a bad website. Over the last few days I have had 7 warnings while visiting friends blogs, hmmmm?
    Happy to say no warnings while visiting here.

  3. Art Bliss thanks for that update I have been running them on my end as well. Its just odd that the whole Creepmas blog is done. wicKED I hope they fix soon as well. I did send an email to them we will see. I also lost a few post's that I had pre written bummer :(

  4. hey, you're not the only one...sometimes, I'm following no one in blogger land and then, half of 'em are deleted, then they show up again. it's bizarre and gettin' really annoying. anyway, I love this pic!!!


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