Happy 70th Birthday Aquaman

             Aquaman's debut appearance came  September 25, 1941--More Fun Comics #73.

Original 70th Birthday Illustration by Stewart McKenny (DC Super Friends)!
My Love for Aquaman came from the early 1970's cartoon that played every morning before school on the Ray Rayner Show. His 5-minute adventures where all I would need to get through the day. Then came the Justice League on Saturday mornings life was grand. I have now spent a lifetime defending my favorite superhero, everybody would have you believe he has no real superpower. So here is an overview of the Power of Orin.

Aquaman's most widely recognized power is the telepathic ability to communicate with marine life, which he can summon from great distances. Although this power is most often and most easily used on marine life, Aquaman has at times demonstrated the ability to affect any being that lives upon the sea (e.g., sea eagles), or even any being evolved from marine life (e.g., humans).
Aquaman has a number of superhuman powers, most of which derive from the fact that he is adapted to live in the depths of the ocean. He has the ability to breathe underwater. He possesses superhuman durability high enough to remain unaffected by the immense pressure and the cold temperature of the ocean depths, this also makes him tough enough to be invulnerable to machine gun fire. He also possesses superhuman strength. He can swim at very high speeds, capable of reaching speeds of 10,000 feet per second and can swim up Niagara Falls. He can see in near total darkness and has enhanced hearing granting limited sonar. Although he can remain underwater indefinitely without suffering any ill effects, Aquaman grows weak if he remains on land for extended periods. However, when Batman invented Aquaman's water suit he was able to walk on land for an indefinite amount of time and was no longer vulnerable to a "dehumidifier".
After the loss of his left hand, Aquaman initially replaced it with a cybernetic retractable hook, then a cybernetic hand. The mechanical hand was replaced by a magical hand made out of water given to him by the Lady of the Lake, which grants Aquaman numerous abilities, including but not limited to: the ability to dehydrate anyone he touches with it, killing them instantly; the ability to change the shape and density of the hand; the ability to shoot jets of scalding water; healing abilities; the ability to create portals into mystical dimensions; the ability to communicate with the Lady of the Lake through the water bearer hand;  and the ability to nullify magic. Aquaman also has the ability to control water and make it any shape with his own will. However, this has been portrayed rarely.

I do love the fact that after 70 years there are still fans out there. From Smallville to the Big Bang Theory its sounds like I will enjoy Aquaman for years to come. I will be hitting the comic book store this week for the new Aquaman #1 and will have a full review. Until then check out Batman Brave and the Bold.

So the heck with football today I told the kids we are breaking out the DVD set of Aquaman and having a party and yes there will be cake.


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