Good Luck and Thank You

Wow did last night come as a shock? Sure there has been a lot of talks to let Ozzie  Guillen go but I still ask why? For the past 8 years, he has put the White Sox in a much better place with two American League Central titles and  one World Series championship.

 Sure everybody loves to get down on him for his loony and wild antics but that's what made him so great. You watch he will take his next team to the world series within the next few years. Guillen is a great manager and I wish him the best its been a great run.

If you ask me what made this team fall apart its was getting rid of the 2005 brotherhood. When they traded Scott Rolen and Joe Credi the team was never the same. This sure was not Ozzie's fault. 

Here is a long cold winter of wondering. And to Ozzie as a fan of yours from the '80 til now, I thank you! And maybe Kenny should be next.


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