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Day of the NightmareDay of the Nightmare

Rated: NA
Genre: Crime Thrillers/Steamy Thrillers
Release Date: 1965

John Ireland (Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Wax Works 2)
Beverly Bain (only movie)

Director: John A. Bushelman (Village of the Giants, Gunsmoke)
Writer: Leonard Goldstein (After this turd he only wrote one more thing and that was an episode of Gilligan's Island)

DVD Extras: N/A
Run Time: 89 minutes for the version I watched 94 minutes is listed on IMBD.

Story: (from Netflix) When the police investigate her artist husband (Cliff Fields) on suspicion of murder, Barbara (Beverly Bain) grows increasingly anxious and starts snooping around for answers of her own, which lead to life-threatening encounters and painfully disturbing revelations. Boldly showcasing kinky scenes involving S & M, lesbians and swingers parties, this risqué whodunit co-stars John Ireland as a crusty cop intent on cracking the case.

What's in the box?

Yeah, I admit it I watched this based on 2 things. The great poster art and "Kinky Scenes" that Netflix so proudly puts out there for us. What they forgot to tell me was they cut all of that out! What? Why? How dare they I wanted to know how the folks of 1965 lived in there Swingeing Lesbians involving s & m!! If ever a film needed some T&A/S&M this is one of those. Otherwise, it is just the snooze fest that I sat through.

Ok, I love old cheesy movies that lack a plot but when I can tell you everything in the first 2 minutes it makes for a long movie. When the opening scene is somebody in bad drag stalking another female opens the doors to a world in 2011 we are accustomed to. Maybe back in 1965, they had no, yeah that it.

So the first twist comes from the nosey lady upstairs overhearing a murder or so we are asked to believe. That's when we meet John Ireland who I grow up watching on many westerns. All I could ask him is "Was money that tight when you made this"?


Now we are lead to believe that Barbra the wife of the crossdresser is lonely depressed and of course crazy. My guess is the missing scenes would have helped tie all of this together with her nutty husband. I stead we are left guessing as to why so is off.

They tie some of that together with the father in law talking to her. Oh, a few scene's later you realize he is a doctor.

After some odd chase (on foot) scene's more detective work and the big twist reviled we fast forward this review. Son kills dad try's to kill wife detective saves wife kills the husband. Before the lights come up we are treated to the words "It's Finished!" (thank god)

This must be a cut scene!
The acting in the movie is really not bad what made this so bad was the first 2 minutes! It was a dead give away. I'm not sure why Beverly Bain never acted again she was good she played the part the way it should have been played. Even Cliff Fields played his part well. The pace dragged from time to time put it was still not bad. The back round of the movie looked great they went out and did it during the daytime not at night a huge risk that worked.

The soundtrack I must say was offal really bad swing jazz. It just did not work. I don't think I would chase down an uncut version of the movie. Sadly, in the end, I'm only giving this movie

2 Bloody Brains

Maybe if Ed Wood would have directed it.


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