Your Music Monday History For September 9th

On September 9,1954 Elvis Presley played at the opening of the Lamar-Airways Shopping Center in Memphis Tennessee. Johnny Cash was in the audience and after the show met Elvis for the first time. Two years later Elvis made his debut on the Ed Sullivan Show performing 'Don't Be Cruel', 'Love Me Tender' and 'Ready Teddy' from the CBS TV Studios in Los Angeles.

In 1964 US newspaper The Hollywood Reporter ran the following advertisement; 'Madness folk & roll musicians, singers wanted for acting roles in a new TV show. Parts for 4 insane boys. And that is how the Monkees were born with over 437 people applying for the job.

And finally in 1989 New Kids On The Block scored their second US No.1 single with 'Hangin' Tough' now turn it up you know you want to.